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Golden Threads


These songs and tunes are favorites I’ve collected over decades of exploring music that is close to the human experience and the life of the spirit. They range from a 13th-century Galician love song to Leonard Cohen, from a Shaker hymn to Judy Collins, from an Irish lullaby to a pentatonic improvisation. Some have been passed down by musicians and collectors through centuries. Some are recently composed. A few I wrote myself, to accompany stories or just for fun. All are offered with the hope that in this music you will find moments of enjoyment and times of peace.


"It's transcendent. . .  thank you for having this creative magic

in you and for communicating it."


Purchase CDs directly from the artist for $15 each plus $3.50 shipping and handling, $5 shipping and handling for multiple copies




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Other listeners write:


      "The beauty of it on every level is just so gorgeous.

You're an angel!"


   "I've heard harp music before, but this is exquisite."


"Your music is healing. You are healing."


   "I felt comforted, uplifted, playful, and fed."​


   "A beautiful and sweet voice full of plaintiveness and light." 


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