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Margot Chamberlain is a soulful harper, singer, accompanist, and composer. She believes that music, especially harp music, can return us to what’s true

for us in the moment and open our hearts to the

sacredness and compassion that are around and

within our everyday existence.




It is the hour of the harp

when crickets chime on stones

when dusk darkens the fields


All time rushes on now

to the place of memory

the sacred room


You will find your song here

on a path through a wood

You will know why you stopped singing

why you put the instrument of your heart away

where this scar came from that keeps growing

along the ridge of your days


So listen now

these strings and hands

they are guides

their music is the current

that will carry you beyond

the river of your worry


When you disappear it is a blessing

Then you know you have arrived!


~ for Margot—thank you for your gifted work

Daniel Shanahan, poet, musician





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